Minimalist Living Room Tour
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$115,000 Minimalist Living Room Tour

Today is the one year anniversary of submitting an offer on my home! In celebration I thought it would fun to do a tour of my minimalist living room to show everyone who has followed my story what it's really all about. By now you probably know that last fall I bought my first home.… Continue reading $115,000 Minimalist Living Room Tour

Real cost of home ownership
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The real cost of home ownership

Listing price, mortgage rate, down payment, taxes, fees, insurance. There is so much more to the cost of home ownership than people often stop to think about. Sorting through all the information can be challenging, especially when resources from Nova Scotia are pretty hard to come by, and most examples feature houses that are double… Continue reading The real cost of home ownership

Down Payment Assistance
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Nova Scotia Down Payment Assistance Program

One of the biggest obstacles facing hopeful home buyers is often the daunting task of saving up a down payment. For years I barely kept my head above water paying my rent, bills and managing my debt, so the idea of putting aside thousands of dollars was effectively impossible at that time. When I began… Continue reading Nova Scotia Down Payment Assistance Program

buy a house on minimum wage
Buying a Home

Can you buy a house on minimum wage?

I won’t pretend that the answer is a resounding yes across the board. I know that the circumstances everyone faces are different, the sacrifices needed will vary and the drive to see your dreams through may waver. But I adamantly insist that it is possible to buy a house on minimum wage. While the world… Continue reading Can you buy a house on minimum wage?