Real cost of home ownership
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The real cost of home ownership

Listing price, mortgage rate, down payment, taxes, fees, insurance. There is so much more to the cost of home ownership than people often stop to think about. Sorting through all the information can be challenging, especially when resources from Nova Scotia are pretty hard to come by, and most examples feature houses that are double… Continue reading The real cost of home ownership

Financial Security goals
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My Financial Security Goals

              I am really enjoying writing this type of post right now. It’s one thing to tell you about how I paid off debt and bought a house, but that was never the end goal. My financial security goal is for my family not to worry about money, knowing that our expenses are covered and… Continue reading My Financial Security Goals

Financial check-in
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Financial Check-In June 2021

I started writing this blog after going from $19,000 in credit card debt to owning my own home in less than a year.  The reason I shared it was because before I did it, I didn't think it was possible. I wanted other people to know that with hard work, sacrifice and determination, they could… Continue reading Financial Check-In June 2021