What does it mean to love life with less? To me, it is appreciating the small things, and choosing to be happy breaking the conventions of a consumption driven life. Less means living within my means on a low income, but it also means less stuff taking up space and using up hard earned money. And that is what this blog is about. Low income finances mixed with my own brand of minimalism, and how those things meet to make small town Nova Scotian family life a perfect balance.

I am the mother of two lovely little ladies who fill my days with equal parts joy and stress. I work full time in specialty retail, and while I am lucky to enjoy my job, it is hard on my body and takes me away from my family far more than I’d like. My partner takes good care of our children and home while I’m at work, and does IT work on the side (thanks for the website babe!) while I break old gender rules as the primary breadwinner. I have recently purchased my first home, which you will be able to read all about, because that was a roller coaster for sure!  Some of my interests include food and beverages of all kinds, reading historical fiction and epic fantasy, taking long baths and enjoying time with my family. I know, I’m a little bit boring.

The biggest joy in my life right now is that for the first time, I can look at the future and have an expectation of long-term financial security for my family. I am counting down the months to freedom from 16 years of credit card debt and making plans for actual retirement, something I only dreamed about before. As my attitude towards money has changed, so have my priorities, my plans for the future and my whole outlook on life.

I hope you stick with me, learn a few things, teach me something, and enjoy this journey along with me. Only you can stand in your own way and only you can push yourself forward.

With Love,