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5 most relatable money channels on YouTube

I’ve watched hours and hours of video to come up with a list of what I think are the most relatable money channels on YouTube. Over the last year or so I have really started to explore the YouTube platform as more than a collection of how-tos and funny cats. There are a plethora of great channels that cover all my many interests. I listen to history and science while I drive, I watch motivational content when I’m cleaning the house. And I regularly tune in to personal finance channels to get great tips and inspire me to keep working, saving and writing. But in the world of online content there is also a lot of clickbait, privilege and harmful information. I’ve come up with a selection of channels that I think are great educational resources that are well presented by real people. So in no particular order, here are my picks for the most relatable money channels on YouTube.

The Financial Diet

“TFD” as it’s known by fans is hosted by the charmingly snarky Chelsea Fagan. Her videos cover a variety of very relatable financial topics that often touch on pop culture, current events and feminism. I love how direct she is in speaking about her personal life, both the mistakes of her past and her current successes. But I also really appreciate her take on “girl boss hustle culture” and other money messages that are prominent in the media that can be very harmful.

Her channel includes content from her podcast The Financial Confessionals in which she interviews people about different financial topics. While her life in New York City is very different from my small town existence, her videos make me feel like she really understands a lot of the real challenges that young people are facing, and that the solutions are nuanced and can’t be solved by memes.

Here’s a recent video about what to do with your tax refund in case you need some ideas.

The Budget Mom

Kumiko Love is the only mom vlogger who made my list. And it isn’t because there aren’t a ton making great content. It’s because I like her energy, her presentation style and her her colourful budgeting tools. She is organized in a way I aspire to be and her content is heavily geared towards family finances. She’s a newer addition to my subscribed list, so I know I’ll be spending plenty of time going down the rabbit hole of her older content.

The video I chose to feature seemed like such a perfect fit because it is a real life budget for a Canadian single mom.

Gabe Bult

Gabe speaks to me personally in being a self-proclaimed frugal minimalist. We agree that living more simply can make more room in your life for the things that matter, and save money for the things that are most important. I think he does a great job making interesting and beautiful videos that cover topics related to and extending from personal finance.

This video about things frugal minimalists don’t do is a great jumping off point.

Chris Invests

This channel differs from the rest in it’s animated presentation style. As the name suggests, this is a channel about investing, so targets those a little further in their financial journey. I like the pragmatic advice in a very easy to understand format that will resonate more with visual learners. Even if you are not ready to invest yet, there is plenty of great content to teach you better money habits.

This video is about living on a very low income, and has frugal tips that are sure to free up some of your budget.

Matt D’Avella

Matt’s content is less about personal finance, but I couldn’t not include him in this list. He was the director of Minimalism and it’s follow up Less is Now, both found on Netflix. He has a story not unlike those of the Minimalists Josh and Ryan, of starting off adulthood with a ton of debt and overcoming that to build a life that makes him happy. His videos are simple and beautiful with a light dose of humor and guest appearances from his non-minimalist wife who I think is delightful.

Most of his financial content relates to how he overcame his struggles with money. I found him to be incredibly relatable and inspiring when I was in the debt pay-off phase myself. But along with Gabe, his minimalism videos align with my own values, and I feel can lead to a more fulfilled life on a lower budget.

This is one of his more recent money related videos.

Finding the most relatable money channels on YouTube

There are several categories of personal finance YouTubers that I try to avoid. These include memey, one size fits all advise from large organizations and anything that focuses on “traditional values” without acknowledging the realities of the modern world. While those types of creators dominate the space, I think I’ve discovered a few gems that will resonate well with readers here.

If you have any channels you love, in any genre, drop me a comment below. I am always on the lookout for entertaining and educational content to stretch my brain a little.

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